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Join Dana James-Mwangi and Williams Brack during the Grindset podcast as they uncover the stories, successes, and challenges of business founders and entrepreneurs. This talk show takes the listener on an entrepreneurial journey from start to finish. Grindset is recorded in Memphis, Tenn., presented by Epicenter, and powered by Kudzukian.

Mar 9, 2023

On this Episode of Grindset, Cynthia & Brack host Grindset live from Chef Tam's Underground Cafe with some of the most dynamic restaurant owners in Memphis. In celebration of Memphis Black Restaurant Week, the Grindset Crew will interview three restaurant owners who are apart of the 2023 Memphis Black Restaurant Week lineup and Jonel Turner, the Director of Marketing and Communications for Epicenter Memphis.

Chef Tam - Chef Tam's Underground Cafe
Larry Springfield - Suga Shack
Lernard Chambers - The Genre